Pricing Your Home

Dated: September 15 2021

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Determining the right asking price is the most critical factor to the success of your home sale. As your chosen real estate professional, I will:

Help you understand current market conditions and how they will impact your home's asking price.

Prepare a market analysis to give you an appreciation of what comparable homes in your area have recently sold for.

Assist you in understanding the marketability of your home's location, size, style and condition.

Explain how pricing appropriate to market value will help make your home more marketable, exposing it to more qualified buyers while generating the best offers.

Clarify the importance of capitalizing on the early activity associated with new listings by pricing your home appropriately when it first goes on the market.

Help to create value and future negotiating power through chattel inclusions and exclusions.

Work with you to develop a pricing strategy and determine an asking price that will sell your home in the shortest amount of time at the best possible price.

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Kathleen Sturba

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