Negotiating Offers

Dated: October 15 2021

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Upon receipt of a valid offer to purchase, there are several considerations and negotiating nuances to understand before you provide acceptance. As your chosen real estate professional, I will:

Clarify all elements of the offer including price, deposit, financial terms, inclusions and exclusions, the closing or possession date and any conditions that apply.

Help determine an appropriate response within the timeframe required, either accepting or rejecting the offer, or developing a counter-offer.

Set a course of action for any counter-offer terms such as adjusting the offer price, inclusions and exclusions, the closing date, or removing conditions.

Manage all offers and any counter-offers, negotiating to get you the best possible deal.

Ensure you understand and agree to all of the offer terms before you provide acceptance.

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Kathleen Sturba

As a real estate agent since 2007 and as a broker since 2018, Kathleen Sturba has distinguished herself for her great dedication and strong passion for ensuring her clients have the best experience po....

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