Dated: September 8 2021

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Entering into a Listing Agreement is the first formal step in marketing your home to prospective buyers. As your chosen real estate professional, I will:

Explain the Listing Agreement, a contract that commits Royal LePage to market your home for a specified period of time in exchange for a marketing fee or commission, paid upon successful closing of your home sale.

Discuss the marketing fee and the specific value you will receive in exchange for that fee.

Outline the details of the agreement including the asking price, a description of the property, inclusions and exclusions, annual property taxes, and any rights of way, easements, liens, or charges against the property.

Request any required supporting documents such as a property survey, property tax receipts, deed or title search documentation.

Ask you to authorize your mortgage lender to verify your current mortgage details, where applicable.

Request other documentation such as expenses related to heating, electrical and water consumption as well as receipts for any home improvements to assist your home sale.

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As a real estate agent since 2007 and as a broker since 2018, Kathleen Sturba has distinguished herself for her great dedication and strong passion for ensuring her clients have the best experience po....

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